More Cornelius Pinball Adventures!


Episode 3 – Glowzone:

I had been wanting to check this spot out for the longest time, but then Mission Control opened and I became addicted to that place! But variety is the spice of life, and life was kinda bland, so I took the plunge into neon lights and fun flipping! Beware: THIS IS A PSYCHO PATH*! Oh and this is the first episode to feature the CPA logo (poorly designed by yours truly) as well as music from the CPA house one man band, Saint Cornelius.


Episode 4 – Retrovolt Arcade

Retrovolt Arcade had been on my radar for a while, but it was waaaaaay the fuck out there – farther than Banning, even! And then they had to move due to zoning issues. They’re set to open to the public on July 1st, but owner Bob Elson gathered a group of humble volunteers to do a test run before the official opening date – and CPA was in the building! Fantastic place, fantastic gentleman running it, and a fantastic video if I do say so myself. Getting better every episode!



*one of the callouts in Wipe Out, not necessarily an indictment of CPA themselves

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